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If we are already sure that subscription is the direction in which we want to develop our business, we face the problem of how to start.    

First of all, it is worth seeking support from more experienced people. There is no need to reinvent the wheel if already proven methods are on the market. At WeSub, we always start the change process with a conversation about the product or service offered by the company, because that’s what the whole idea is based on.

What is its greatest value?        

In the case of electronic equipment, it is the technology it offers – the ability to launch the newest programs, watch movies in high definition or listen to music in a quality that will satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles. Another example is the beauty market, where cosmetic equipment can be components used in their production, thanks to which the treatment performed with their use brings additional value, such as reducing discomfort or rt or additional slimming properties.    

How do services offered by WeSub look like?  Let’s view the accounting first. What is the most important value for our client? The scope of invoicing and HR services may vary from month to month, so flexibility is important. We want to use a package that will be perfectly suited to us – not too expensive, since we will not use it in a given month anyway, and not too narrow, so as not to worry about additional formalities if necessary. A subscription allows us to build an offer tailored to our client and his current, real needs, not those we think we have.  

Presenting the potential customer with the benefits that they will gain by deciding to subscribe instead of buying is the first step in building our communication. By buying an item a customer becomes its owner for the next few years and can use it as long as it meets their expectations. There are people for whom this model works perfectly, but if someone cares about the value of using new devices, evolving technologies quickly make the equipment not as attractive as it was. It shows that the purchase won’t be an option that will satisfy customers’ expectations.

The same situation applies to the use of items, where trends often change. A subscription eliminates the need to spend large amounts of cash at once or make decisions that will affect us for the next few years. It allows us to adjust our decisions to current needs. In the situation when I need a camera but don’t know if this lens will work for me in the long run, I can subscribe and at the earliest opportunity give back, exchange, or extend the subscription. It is simple!   

It is a fact that leasing, loans, or delayed payments are more popular than a subscription right now, but in the future, it can easily change.  People need a moment to recognize the possibilities, trust companies, and even start considering this option of financing. Taking steps towards building a subscription offer now will allow us to wait, ready for customers who will slowly start looking for more flexible solutions.  

With WeSub, you have many options to build a subscription offer. We allow entrepreneurs to use our brand – depending on the target group, we have WeSub offering B2B and RentUp services for ordinary consumers. If you don’t feel ready to create your subscription offer, or you prefer to see how customers react first, you can communicate that you have added a subscription to your request, which is taken care of by WeSub. The second option is to create your own “product”, under your brand, which WeSub will only support from the operational side.    

For the supplier or manufacturer, the subscription doesn’t carry any risk. Once the customer concludes the subscription agreement, WeSub repurchases the subscribed item and takes care of it for the duration of the contract.   

After deciding how you want to build your new offer, WeSub adjusts tools that suit your sales channels. You can decide to offer a subscription in a stationary or online store or create a separate sales platform that will only be responsible for the subscription distribution of items. All this is possible thanks to a simple system that you can start and stop at any time.    

WeSub always emphasizes that communication is as important as building a good subscription offer. We try our best to educate customers about the possibilities of financing their future purchases. Without spreading the knowledge of a subscription model, it would be difficult for us to attract and convince clients. What is more, we support our partners in all marketing activities they choose to promote subscriptions.  

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