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Scale Your Business with Subscription

Discover our tools that enable you to join the revolution in sales.

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Subscribe Your Business

WeSub assists Producers and Suppliers in implementing a subscription model into their business. With no additional costs.

Based on solutions similar to streaming platforms, we have created a solution enabling the subscription of your products.

Subscription-based businesses grow up to three times faster than companies relying on standard sales models.


Add SUBSCRIPTION to your offer

Open your business to a new distribution method through RentPay, where your customer pays only for usage, and you gain steady, predictable income and the opportunity for additional earnings on supplementary services.

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How do we operate?

1. Subscription Plan

Together, we develop a subscription offer for your business.

2. Detailed Offer

We set the terms of the offer and create packages for additional services.

3. Integration

You choose the integration method that suits you best.

4. Promotion

Together we work on promoting your new service. WeSub supports its partners in all marketing activities related to the subscription.

In which industries and areas we already operate?




Office Equipment

Fitness Equipment

Audio Equipment


Financial products



Discover the world of subscriptions and pay only for the use of equipment!

Subscription is a flexible way to always stay up-to-date with the latest technologies!

Whether you need equipment for work, to outfit your beauty salon, or are planning to open a franchise business – we and our partners have a subscription for you.

Pay only for usage

Regularly upgrade to better equipment

Monthly VAT invoice for the service

No unnecessary formalities, subscribe online!

Green Subscription
Ecologically and economically.

Give a second life to used items. Benefit from still functional, regularly serviced devices at an even lower price. Enjoy the joy derived from great technology, without generating more electronic waste.

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