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Subscribe your business

Embrace the subscription model for your business.

WeSub helps companies start their subscription-based business model.

WeSub is a team of subscription experts who have helped more than 80 suppliers and manufacturers across Europe to increase their revenues and secure their business.

Tap into WeSub’s expertise and insight today to successfully launch product and service subscriptions within your company.

We fund your project to support the growth of a circular economy in your industry.

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Funded as part of the Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

What is the subscription business model?

Subscription allows your customers to have access to your products and services based on their needs in exchange for recurring payments.

Subscription is a flexible business model that adapts to the new consumption habits of customers. With a subscription-based purchase system, your customers have the possibility to access a good or a service without having to integrally pay for it. A subscription-based business model will allow your company to build customer loyalty that will bring you cyclical and predictable revenues.

Subscriptions are not new to the market, as they are already used by telecommunications and energy companies. However, the subscription business model has expanded into new sectors in recent years, driven by the success of streaming platforms, vendor leasing, and subscription services in the retail and e-commerce sectors.

Thanks to our turnkey solutions, you can also propose your products for subscription.

What are the benefits of the subscription model for my company?

The implementation of subscription plans in your existing offer allows you to generate recurring and stable revenues for your company.

This distribution model also simplifies production and inventory management. Subscription has become a modern way of consuming that will help you attract and retain new customers.

The implementation of a subscription model reduces the risk of non-payment.

Set your company apart from the competition by providing a modern distribution model that meets new market trends and demands.

Can my offer be made available on a subscription basis?

WeSub has experience in a variety of sectors ranging from IT, fashion and construction to online sales, finance and electronics. This diversity of clients is what enables us to support companies of all types.

Not only goods but also services can be sold with a subscription model. Anything that brings value to the customer can be offered through subscription.

On the market, there already exist different types of business subscription for maintenance services, footwear, coffee restocking or the use of electronic devices. So there are plenty of possibilities!

How can I invite my customers to subscribe to my products or services?

Before promoting a new subscription-based plan, your company will need to have access to an effective subscription management platform.

WeSub can handle the implementation of your subscription packages at no additional cost.

Contact us now to find a solution that suits your needs.

Our tools for selling products and services by subscription

subskrypcja w Polsce

This simple solution allows you to create a rental listing for your e-commerce business, which we integrate with your online store. The visible result is a button on the product page that allows your customers to conclude a subscription agreement.

See what it looks like for the end client:


The RentApi tool integrates with your online store and allows for payment by rental for the entire shopping cart. Thanks to it, your customers can add the products of their choice to their cart and conclude a subscription contract for all their choices.

co to jest subskrypcja

Through this app, renting equipment at your physical store has never been easier! RentDealer enables your sales representatives to go through the entire equipment rental process for the client, who can obtain the rented equipment on the spot.

model subskrypcji

Thanks to this tool, we can create a custom subscription Marketplace for you or add your products to our offer. Through that, your end customer will be able to select products from a dedicated RentPlace and enter into subscription agreements directly from there. We take care of the entire process of setting up the subscription platform. All you have to do is decide what products will be available.


This solution allows you to use custom forms or calculators to generate subscription offers for your products. WeSub adapts it to your company’s needs and takes care of its integration.

Discover below some of the projects we have undertaken thanks to the expertise of the WeSub teams

led subscribtionCase Study
29 March 2022

Light Subscription, or free upgrade to LED lighting

Light Subscription is a viable and straightforward solution that WeSub has developed with Schahlled.  The entire process involves WeSub purchasing the lighting used for a particular retrofit directly from Schahlled.…
Asus CooperationCase Study
29 March 2022

Cooperation with ASUS manufacturer – Rental implementation at resellers

WeSub has partnered with computer hardware manufacturer ASUS to create the ASUS Business Rent solution, allowing companies to rent ASUS hardware from all of its resellers.  Following the partnership, WeSub…

The fields we specialize inate




Solar energy

Examples of goods that can be offered through subscription with WeSub


Office equipment


Scooters / Electric bikes

Sound booths

Photographic equipment

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