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WeSub helps manufacturers and suppliers introduce the subscription model into their business.

No additional cost. In return for your trust and help in spreading the subscription economy, we help Manufacturers and Suppliers grow their businesses.

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What is a subscription?

Subscription is all about sharing your products in a new and flexible way. We have created a solution to subscribe to your products based on solutions similar to streaming platform subscriptions, vendor leasing, or catering. In this business model, your customers don’t have to own anything to use it and profit.

What will subscription of my products do for me as a manufacturer?

Increase sales and product availability.

Reaching more clients.

A modern distribution model whose popularity is growing day by day. Show that you follow trends and respond to market needs.

Can my products be offered through Subscription?

So far, we have operated with vending machines, small and large electronics, beauty devices and have introduced the Subscription of services.

There are even shoe subscriptions available worldwide.

So we are confident that your product can also be offered on a subscription basis.

What do I need to do to subscribe to your products?

Write to us, we will contact you.

It costs nothing to implement the Subscription, and we handle all the integration. We will tailor the right solution based on our experience, and you decide when and how we start!

Subscription tools

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A simple solution to add a rental listing to your e-commerce. We integrate with your online store. The visible result is a button on the product page that allows you to conclude a subscription agreement.

See what it looks like for the end client

Allows rental payment for the entire shopping cart in your store. We integrate with your store at the shopping cart level. The end client adds the products they have selected and finally selects rental as their payment method, which allows them to enter into a subscription agreement for all the equipment in their cart.
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Rent equipment at your physical store through our app. We provide your sales reps with browser access to our proprietary application that allows them to go through the entire equipment rental process for the Client, who only, in the end, accepts the generated contract and gets the equipment right away.

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We will create a custom subscription MarketPlace for you or add your products to our offer. Your end customer will be able to select products from a dedicated RentPlace and enter into subscription agreements directly from there. We take care of the entire process of setting up the platform. You decide what products will be available there.

A customised solution that we work out together and tailor to your business. Allows you to use personalised forms or calculators to generate subscription offers for your products.

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