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Why adopt a subscription system as a franchisor?

The subscription model is perfectly adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs who plan on starting a franchise or rapidly developing their existing network.

You want to become a franchisor and offer an attractive franchise process?

You wish to make your existing franchising system more accessible and extend it to people who do not have a significant personal investment to put forward?

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What if the answer for your business was to move to a subscription model?

WeSub offers franchise consulting to franchisors and enables them to finance all their products and services which have a registration number on a subscription basis. Doing that, we not only help you figure out how to start a franchise the best way, but we also allow your franchisees to get equipped quickly and easily.

As a result, accounting services, legal services, furniture, computer equipment and software will finally be affordable for most people!

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The main challenges of starting a franchise network and developing it

Despite its advantages, starting a franchise is an ambitious project, which, in its traditional model, presents three major obstacles for franchisors.

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The need to commit large sums of money to set up the franchise project, to develop it, but also to follow its evolution.

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The acquisition, retention and development of the loyalty of entrepreneurs who will successfully grow within the network.

franczyzowy model biznesowy

The optimization of the franchise concept in order to generate more revenue for both the franchisor and the franchisees.

It is a win-win choice!

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For the franchisor:

  • Marketing support in promoting the new subscription-based franchise offer;
  • The opportunity to open up to a new audience for whom the financial barrier made the franchise project impossible;
  • Support at every step of the implementation of the new subscription model to maximize its effectiveness;
  • The purchase of goods and services that will be offered for subscription.

For the franchisee

  • Steady monthly payments that are fully integrated into the business’ expenses for greater predictability;
  • A unique and attractive solution that provides access to all the equipment needed to open a franchise;
  • The option, at the end of the subscription period, to extend the contract, return the product, exchange it or buy it;
  • The opportunity to get into the profitable market of franchising with a lower investment and a reduced risk.

Case Study


Bike Café is the first chain of bicycle cafes in Poland

The first bike café was built in 2012 in Poznań. After 10 years, the brand now boasts over 100 units all over Europe, with 4 cafés having even reached Saudi Arabia, thus starting the expansion to other continents. Bicycle cafés delight the eye of passers-by with their original design and blend perfectly with the urban landscape. They have the power of creating new meeting places anywhere, be it in parks, squares or any places where you previously could only dream of finding a good coffee!

While observing the market and following the changing expectations of our customers, we decided to jointly create the Bike Café franchise subscription program. It allows you to run your own mobile café at a lower price, through monthly fees that cover the use of the necessary devices. Thanks to this system, you can maximize your profits and lower your expenses, without being bound by long contracts or having to incur a large investment to start.

It is a ready-made solution, thanks to which you do not have to make long-term commitments or make critical decisions.

Subscribing to the Bike Café franchise is virtually risk-free.

The concept of mobile coffee shops itself is extremely flexible and unique, just like the subscription model that is slowly seducing many businesses. We believe that it is the combination of appropriately selected innovations that will soon conquer the market, and we, together, will be an integral part of it, paving the way for new entrepreneurs.

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