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Why a subscription

Subscription is a new business

Subscription model adjust itself to your business and doesn’t require from you any radical changes. Just do what you have been doing until now but generate additional profits and use new benefits that come with subscription.

Subscription pays off not only for you but also for your clients, so we are sure that you will see its advantages in no time. Just look at your profits growing and group of clients getting wider.

Advantages for end-customers
  • Paying only for using the device, not its full value
  • Easy access to the newest technologies
  • No long-term commitments
  • Monthly VAT invoice 
  • Short and flexible contract
  • No need to invest large amounts of money 
Advantages for Provider/Producer
  • Increasing product availibility 
  • Increasing the group of end-customers
  • Support in the business transformation 
  • Extra profits 
  • Returning customers
  • Full control over the product live-cycle

First of all subscription is new, previously unavailable opportunities. This is why we have prepared a short comparison to other well-known financing method

Leasing Renting

VAT Invoice for „service”

Flexibility in case of quiting contract

Possibility to add and finance accessories

Fees included in the rent (service, parts, insurance)

Required financial documents from the entrepreneur*

Necessary item buyout

Cost disclosed in the entrepreneur’s liabilities

* In 95% of cases, we do not require any financial documents to conclude a transaction, but the remaining 5% helps us get to know the customer and the product better. This helps us implement automated solutions for more items

Why subscription?

innowacyjne modele biznesowe

Subscribing is now very common

The subscription model is becoming more and more popular and present in our everyday life. Most people use it, even if they don’t realize it.

leasing maszyn i urządzeń

New opportunities

Subscription allows you to use extremely flexible solutions tailored to the needs of both the supplier and the customer. It gives access to items and services that were beyond our financial reach. It also means the possibility of using our proprietary technologies at no cost.

wynajem długoterminowy

Higher profits in the long run

Subscription helps you build a long-term relationship with your customer. The customer returns for items, and our traders contact them regularly. Thanks to this, we have full control over what happens with the item both during and after the contract.

Ask for a subscription to your business

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