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Argan Finanse, a WeSub company, offers accounting services in a subscription model. Daily, the company successfully handles dozens of businesses on corporate and personal levels. Argan Finanse’s services are personalised for each Client. After all, Subscription is all about flexibility, which sets them apart from the other accounting services offered in our country. Argan proactively assists its clients by seeking the best solutions and anticipating the changing needs of modern business. In addition, the Argan Finanse team has extensive experience in taking over the accounting of entities with so-called “complicated situations” resulting from misunderstandings in communication with financial authorities.

So what exactly is a subscription to accounting services?

Argan Finanse offers three accounting packages, from which the Client chooses the one most suitable for their needs. Just like choosing a plan on Netflix. We also provide staffing services. And all of this on a single monthly VAT invoice that can easily be charged to your business. The subscription agreement is signed for 12 months. Still, we are aware of the fact that business is constantly evolving, and the needs of entrepreneurs are changing. Hence, we leave an open path to expanding or limiting the accounting package.

As a result, Argan Finanse’s offering is a perfect fit for any business.