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We have introduced rentals to the Sigma photo store, the largest independent manufacturer of lenses compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Pentax cameras in as little as 24 hours. 

The entire process begins when a supplier expresses a desire to implement rentals into their e-commerce offering. Then WeSub gets to work. In the first step, the supplier – in this case, Sigma, selects a button design from WeSub’s pre-prepared proposals to enter a Subscription Agreement on the tab of each of their products. At the same time, we collect store pricing data, calculating the prices of equipment available for rent.  Next, IT customises the button to match the look and technology used in the store. This creates code that the supplier quickly pastes into their e-commerce code. If required, we can assist the supplier at every stage of implementation. This is the only activity that SIGMA had to perform to complete our integration.

The process of renting equipment from SIGMA involves WeSub purchasing the equipment when the customer enters into a subscription agreement for it. The subscription fee is transferred monthly by the Client to the WeSub account. For SIGMA, therefore, there is no cost, and they have the profits from their transaction immediately. In the end, WeSub’s efforts are designed to increase the availability of the supplier’s offerings, leaving the risk on our side.

We also always suggest explaining the concept of rental on your company website. We create a homepage banner for the supplier, from which we refer the customer to an information subpage with all the necessary information to spread the subscription economy together with our suppliers.