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Bike Café is the first chain of bicycle cafes in Poland

The first bike was built in 2012 in Poznań, today, after 10 years, the brand can boast over 100 units all over Europe – 4 cafes have even reached Saudi Arabia, thus starting the expansion to other continents. Bicycle cafes delight the eye of passers-by with their original design and have a city-forming element – they create new meeting places, in parks, squares and places where previously you could only dream of good coffee!

While observing the market and following the changing expectations of our customers, we decided to jointly create the Bike Café franchise subscription program. It will allow you to run your own mobile cafe at an even lower price, based on monthly fees for the use of the necessary devices! Maximize your profits, reduce costs, without being bound by long contracts or incurring large investments to start.

It is a ready-made solution, thanks to which you do not have to make long-term commitments or heavy decisions.

Subscription to the Bike Café franchise is virtually risk-free.

The mobile coffee shop itself is an extremely flexible and unique solution, just like the subscription models that are slowly conquering many businesses. We believe that it is the combination of appropriately selected innovations that will soon conquer the market, and we, together, will be an integral part of it, paving the way for new entrepreneurs.

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