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Light Subscription is a viable and straightforward solution that WeSub has developed with Schahlled. 

The entire process involves WeSub purchasing the lighting used for a particular retrofit directly from Schahlled. There are no costs for the user to start (it can be a municipality, a community, a company, practically everyone can benefit). 

The light retrofit is then paid for by the savings generated from reducing electricity consumption associated with replacing lighting with LEDs. And all this is based on monthly VAT invoices, constituting costs of running the business. The whole further process is handled by WeSub. Our partner does not need to complete any paperwork or bear any risk. Their role is to deliver the item obtained through Subscription. 

There are many benefits to subscribing to light, most notably the lack of risk associated with other forms of financing and the need for high start-up costs. From day one of using Schahlled LED lighting, 70-90% savings are generated. In addition, all lighting is guaranteed for the entire subscription period.