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WeSub has partnered with computer hardware manufacturer ASUS to create the ASUS Business Rent solution, allowing companies to rent ASUS hardware from all of its resellers. 

Following the partnership, WeSub began deploying personalised RentPlugIn (button) at ASUS’s selected resellers. Over time, the number of online stores that have ASUS Business Rent available is growing – the integrations are done gradually, and the process is carried out entirely by us. In addition, we offer substantive and technological support to every reseller who implements our solution at their place. 

In addition to technology integration, we also provide all kinds of content material implemented on vendor e-commerce. We want ASUS Business Rent to be as visible as possible right from the homepage. We prepare sliders for home pages, subpages of information that tell the end customer about the rental and its benefits. If the supplier is willing, we help prepare graphics and content for social media channels announcing the new capability available on their platforms. We make every effort to publicise the latest products introduced. 

The first e-commerce to which WeSub has deployed ASUS Business Rent with ASUS is the ITnes store. On ASUS product pages, you will see our RentPlugIn, through which you can enter into a fully automatic subscription agreement for the hardware of your choice. Along with ITnes, we run a GoogleAds campaign that informs about the rental option available on the site by redirecting the customer directly to the ASUS category. We tailor marketing activities to the current sales channels of a given e-commerce business.