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According to the latest research, for 81% of passengers the increased risk of canceled flights is a barrier for booking tickets. That is why Amadeus has introduced the “Pay When You Fly” solution, which consists in paying the advance when booking the ticket, and the reminding rest on the day of departure, if it actually occurs.

Increasing trust through pay per use

Nicolas Ortiz, Head of Payment Product Incubation at Amadeus Payments says the solution will increase travelers’ confidence by encouraging them to plan their travels and make reservations even in an uncertain environment with variable restrictions. The new approach could also add to the value of the booking, as travelers only need to make the remainder of the payment once they are certain that the flight will go as planned.

The idea of pay per Use in practice

Although it is theoretically a solution from the split-payment category, at its base it refers to the idea of WeSub subscription “pay per use”.

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